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Port Huron Past and Present : Van Buren School, Babcock’s Dairy Stores, Aikman Bakery Co., & More

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“Port Huron Past & Present” is a series of historical videos created by Port Huron native Bob Davis. Through his historical photographs and films, Bob is able to place the viewer back in time. For many of our readers, these photos and videos will be a walk down memory lane, but for the younger crowd, they will learn about the fascinating history of this great town. In this episode, we look back at the Van Buren School, Babcock’s Dairy Stores, Aikman Bakery Co., and more.

Here at Blue Water Healthy Living, we thank Bob for allowing us to share his stories with you. The history contained here are items that are often forgotten with time, but that won’t be the case thanks to Bob’s hard work, and passion for history.

So, enjoy the show, and stay tuned to Blue Water Healthy Living for future chronicles of Bob’s “Port Huron Past & Present” series.

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