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The Poet’s Corner – “Rejoice”

By John Yurgens


Rejoice with me!

I am alive!

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I have always appreciated life.

Since my stroke and brush with death.

I must admit, life is so much sweeter now.

These days, I have time, and I take it, to watch the sunrise and listen to the birds sing as the day begins

Rejoice with me. I am alive! I am happy! And I am having fun!

I try to make a difference every day.

I am meeting people and forging new friendships

Hard work and determination, okay stubbornness, brought me to here and now.

Will you rejoice with me?

I am alive and I love the life I’m living (most of it anyway)

God has given a second Chance at life.

I thank her daily.

Rejoice with me I am alive.

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1 comment

Patricia Dundas June 13, 2017 at 1:07 pm

Way to go John. I am proud of you. And I don’t know that I would do as you do if the same happened to me!


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