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The Poet’s Corner – “Recovery”

By John Yurgens

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 Some say recovered.  Others say recovering.

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Are they synonymous? You be the judge.

For some the term Recovered indicates an end.

And recovering anticipates continuing improvements.

Some improvements may be so small they are unnoticed by others.

Only you see or feel those subtle improvements.

For People in recovery there is no need to compare yourself with others.

Every individual has unique life experiences

Every stroke is different.  Mild , moderate,  or Severe.  Unsure how to quantify these

We had a stroke and  β€œlife as we knew it, no longer exists.”

A task is to redefine, reinvent or even rediscover oneself.

Every recovery is unique. As   is every rehabilitation

Some similar recoveries may include: Physical, mental, emotional, speech and social recoveries.

There are no set steps, no playbook, only hard work and determination on your journey of the new normal.

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