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The Poet’s Corner – “We Are Human”

By John Yurgens

 We are human

We are human. That is a statement of explanation not an Excuse

“HUMANS” They are here, there and everywhere

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There goes a Jew, a Catholic, a Mormon, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian

We are all different, yet all the same, we are all human.

Look at them there:  Long hair, Short hair, no hair, even in-between hair, Red, Black, even Green hair.

We are all different yet the same, we are human.

Body piercings everywhere, Ears, Noses, Lips, and tongues, others better left unknown.

There goes a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, liberal Transgendered Punk, Hippie, Rocker, Writer, conservative Artists, he’s poor, she’s rich

That one had a stroke, he is divorced, she’s a widow, that one is disabled.

Peel away the labels; what is left?  “US” Each special in our own way

Accept us or reject us

No need for labels here, they only create barriers between people and attempt to pigeon hole people based on stereotypes and profiling

We are different, yet everyone the same you see.

We are here to share this time and space, if only for a while.

As humans, we must:  Live together, Work together, know each other, Trust each other, And Love Each Other

We are all humans why can’t we just be?

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