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The Poet’s Corner – “Destroyed Identity” – By John Yurgens

By John Yurgens

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Destroyed Identity

Quite often, we may be unaware of the magnitude and depth of our deficits.

unable to see the peaks approaching; let alone what lies ahead.

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The paranoid thinking you are a burden to loved ones. Push those thoughts aside,

they exist only in YOUR mind.

Those loved ones stood or sat by your side during a challenging time for all.

Making the medical decisions you could not.

Their choices brought you to here and now.

When doubts arise,

we need only recall that budding love of oh so many years ago.,

and the good times you shared.

Of course life wasn’t and isn’t a bed of roses.

We must remember Adversity enters our lives

not to destroy us, but to help us find our hidden potential.

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