Patriot Lessons Podcast with Judge Michael Warren: Free & Independent States – the Declaration of Independence

Hosted By Judge Michael Warren

The Patriot Lessons: American History and Civics Podcast:
Lexington & Concord – The Shot Heard ‘Round the World – April 19, 1775

“Learn how the Second Continental Congress called upon the Supreme Judge of the World to support its actions. Understand how colonies and local governments had already declared independence before July 4th, how colonies addressed the issue of independence at Congress, and how Congress moved forward with Richard Henry Lee’s resolution for independence. Explore how the colonies declared that they were no longer bound to the English Empire but were free and independent States, and the practical and legal effects of the Declaration of Independence.”

About The Patriot Lessons: American History and Civics Podcast:

Learn about American history and the Constitution; our founding First Principles; founding fathers and other great patriots; key documents and speeches; and flags and other symbols. It’s the nonpartisan podcast of Patriot Week hosted by Judge Michael Warren.

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