Pandemic update from the homebound

By Don DeMara

With the start of COVID 19, I can honestly say I really didn’t pay that much attention to it.  Even though they warned that the elderly, 65 and over, could be more susceptible to contracting the virus and with the potential for serious illness or death, my wife and I still weren’t too concerned.

Both my wife and I are 65 and 67 respectively and thankfully in overall good health. OK, OK, sure, I certainly could lose 25 lbs or so, but we are both fairly active, my wife more so, as she jogs 5 days a week. Yet, we still weren’t too concerned with getting the virus.

Our feelings quickly changed as the numbers of those infected and dying exploded. This coupled with the stay-at-home decree from Governor Whitmer gave us the realization that this must be taken seriously.  This, in turn, gave me cause for concern as to whether I should continue to work my part-time employment. Classified as “essential,” the work environment itself gave me no health/virus concerns. However, since we do work with the public and therefore the unknown of whom they may have been in contact with, gave us pause.

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After discussing it with my wife, we made the decision that I would take a leave of absence until this all of this passes. I called and talked to the owner who was very understanding and supportive.  

Now, we are one word: homebound. When necessary, my wife or I take advantage of grocery stores’ early morning hours for seniors. The days of remembering to bring our recycled bags and coupons are replaced with masks, gloves, and trying to keep a 6-feet minimum distance between others as we shop the aisles. 

Over the last 2 – 3 weeks, I initially saw and continue to observe some of the following:

  • Gutted canned and boxed soup aisles, though they now seem to have one or two different soups in a decent quantity
  • Boxed dinners – still wiped out…a.k.a hamburger helper. I miss my hamburger helper!
  • The 80-foot paper good aisle still appears empty, except it now seems to have at least 1 type of mega paper towel and toilet tissue on the shelf
  • Many dairy products remain light and lack variety

On the positive side, thank God they still have a solid assortment of chips, snacks, beer, and liquor so the world is not coming to an end yet.

What to do at home to keep us from going bonkers???  More to follow.

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