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Refash: Pajamas into Pockets and a Scarf

By Marisa Glied

For today’s refashion I took an old pair of pajama pants and made a scarf. But that is not all! I also used some of the pajama material to make pockets for a plain sweater I had recently thrifted!

Here it is! A very plain grey cardigan.


Annnd here they are, the old pajama pants.

I used an old pocket that I took off a men’s dress shirt as a template for my new pockets.

I folded over the top of my pockets and stitched that in place.

For my scarf: I trimmed the legs of the pajama pants into 4 rectangles.

I then placed 2 rectangles on top of one another and folded them longwise and sewed that. Then sewed each rectangle pair together to make one long piece of fabric.

I folded the fabric so the ends were together. I sewed them up and made a very long infinity scarf!

Lastly, I pinned the pockets to the front of the cardigan! Stitched them on leaving the tops open, of course!

Here we have it! A new infinity scarf and a cardigan with pockets!

Happy Refashioning!!!


Hi there! Welcome to my little blog! My name is Marisa, phonetically that’s Marie-sa! My goal is to change the way you look at outdated clothes by making you think outside the stitch! I am a dental hygienist by trade but that leaves me longing to show my creative side and having something more fashionable to wear than scrubs! I have always been interested in fashion and for years I have been dabbling in creating my own clothes. Now is the time to seriously get into refashioning and encourage you to do the same! I hope this little blog of mine inspires you not to pass up those oversized unsightly pieces of clothing but to transform them into something beautiful! Happy Refashioning! View all posts by TheRefashStash

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