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Outgoing Marine City Mayor reflects on time with the city

Photo courtesy of CTV Community Television/YouTube The Marine City Commission at a meeting on Oct. 20, 2022 that last just over four hours.

Vercammen says innuendo of wrong doing is simply untrue

By Barb Pert Templeton

When voters go the polls on Nov. 8 there will only be one choice for mayor of Marine City and it won’t be current Mayor Cheryl Vercammen. After four-years on the commission, Vercammen decided not to seek a second two-year term as mayor of the city.

In an interview with Blue Water Healthy Living in May 2022, Vercammen said she wasn’t seeking reelection to the city’ top spot because she was moving to Cottreville Township

Photo courtesy of CTV Community Television/YouTube
Marine City Mayor Cheryl Vercammen speaks during the commissioner privilege section of the Marine City Commission meeting on Oct. 20, 2022.

Vercammen was first elected to a four-year term on the city commission in 2018 but stepped down and ran for mayor in 2020, which is a two-year term that will conclude in November.

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The mayor, elected by the people, must live within the city limits and the city charter allows just one candidate to seek the top office without any opposition. The Mayor Pro Tem is selected by a majority vote of the city commission.

The only candidate that has filed to fill the mayor’s seat for the Nov. 8 election is Jennifer Vandenbossche, who’s spouse, David Vandenbossche, formerly served as the mayor of Marine City and is currently a member of the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners representing District 7. 

At the recent commission meeting where officials took turns thanking the mayor and outgoing Commissioner Wendy Kellehan for their service, Vercammen read a seven-minute statement into the record.

The statement, shared during the commissioner privilege portion of the agenda at the end of the meeting, began with Vercammen saying she never considered herself a politician and in fact got involved to simply help out the city where she lives and operates a business. She noted that her children attended local schools and currently her grandchildren do the same. 

She gave kudos to City Manager Holly Tatman for her work on behalf of the city and said the city needs a mayor and commission focused on what’s best for the city as a whole.

“This constant mistrust of our city government has to stop, our city meetings are filled with innuendos of wrong doing,” Vercammen said. “No matter how much the Economic Development Board and the chamber of commerce forge ahead and try to make positive changes if we have a city commission that votes no to anything good or positive so many negative things will happen.”

Businesses, families and funding will go elsewhere, she added.

“There is nothing evil or corrupt going on in your city, there are no criminal or civil attorneys banging on the city office doors, we don’t have any law suits as a result of the decisions made by the city manager or the city commission,” Vercammen said. “There’s no problem on earth that can’t be solved.”

The mayor concluded by saying she appreciated the opportunity to be the mayor, had fun and her grandchildren loved introducing her as the mayor. 

“I am proud of my accomplishments, I spent a lot of time helping my city and I did the best that I could,” Vercammen said. “It was an honor to be your mayor.”

Vercammen will remain in Marine City as a business owner, operating “The Little Bar” off Charier Road in town. She also plans to remain active in the community via the local Chamber of Commerce and with a seat on the city’s Community and Economic Development Board.

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