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Our Rising Lake

Our rising lake, for goodness sake, has everyone’s attention,
and with winter soon upon us we’re afraid to mention…
that snow and ice, while looking nice, could raise the level higher,
and when it melts next spring could cause a hazardous quagmire.

In years gone by we used to have a beach of sparkling sand
All up and down Lake Huron’s shore it went for miles and…
when mother nature’d throw a fit and send her waves a crashing
it didn’t bother us at all ‘twas just a little splashing.

But now the rising water has devoured our lovely beaches
Causing great destruction upon everything it reaches.
Chunks of lumber, large tree branches, floating south before us
With the sounds of whistling wind in one unhappy chorus.

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So when the wind is in the north the waves appear gigantic.
They hit the shore and jolt the house, which really drives us frantic.
But for now we can’t do much yet make this observation,
then maybe pray & hope someday ‘twill change the situation.

Arthur Smith, 2019

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