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Our Feet – By Arthur Smith

By Arthur Smith

Our Feet

We need our feet…may I repeat?…to do the things we love.

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Walking, running, dancing, feet are gifts from God above.

Shortly after we arrive our feet are put to test.

Those first few baby steps are tough although we try our best.

But practice does make perfect, now we walk and run and play,

and never think to rest those feet we’ll use another day.

They carry us to school and work, and fun things that we do;

yet don’t complain about the pain we put those two feet through.

So as the years begin to take their toll on our poor feet,

it’s time we realize our “tootsies” can’t be obsolete.

We’ll need them more than ever as we reach those golden years,

‘cause when those feet aren’t working tops our list of greatest fears.

Therefore we need to take the best of care of our dear feet,

we’ll want them in their finest shape until our life’s complete.

Start today, do not delay, and if you get my “gist,”

do your feet a favor, get a good podiatrist!

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