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Our Birds

By Arthur Smith


Our Birds

Birds are creatures to be loved, they’re with us every place.

Their shapes and colors, habits, songs are Nature’s happy face.

In the spring migration starts, we watch and listen forth.

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Arriving species, some will stay yet some keep heading north.

The Robin’s a sure sign that spring is finally coming soon,

Followed by the Red Winged Blackbird singing out his tune.

Soon appears up in the clouds a large, black sight to see.

The lazy Turkey Vulture…known to birders as “TV.”

Around the first of April we start looking toward the sky

To see some Purple Martin scouts as they start heading by

And others in the swallow group begin to dart and dive;

They seem to want to let us know that they too, are alive.

Later in the month we’ll watch for Orioles and Thrushes,

And many different Warblers that seem dabbed by painters’ brushes.

Soon the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds will all arrive.

We’re amazed with their migration that so many do survive.

Many of our feathered friends stay with us all year long,

Like Sparrows, Finches, Chickadees we sure love each one’s song.

Also Cardinals, Blue Jays, and those friendly Mourning Doves;

that make that mournful, cooing call that we’ve all learned to love.

With us all three sixty-five are lots of Ring-billed Gulls.

Adults are white with black-tipped wings, and immatures quite dull.

A cousin of the gulls we watch for every spring migration;

The graceful Forster’s Terns arrive to everyone’s elation.

Our Crows are with us every day, through each and every season

And “mob” those raptors passing by for no apparent reason

Let’s not forget some other birds that stay throughout the year…

The Mallard drake and Mallard hen, together both appear.

Most anytime throughout the year we’ll watch Bald Eagle soar.

The emblem of our nation, he is seen from shore to shore.

Yes many birds are here twelve months, and others coming, going,

But we love all of our feathered friends and that love keeps on growing.

                                                                                                       April 2018

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