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By Allen Domelle

Habakkuk 3:18

“Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.”

A three-letter word is a powerful word. It was a three-letter word that changed the outlook of a prophet. It was a three-letter word that changed the actions of a person whose life was facing doom and gloom. The three letter word that changed everything for the prophet was, “Yet.”

When reading Habakkuk’s prophecy, you could easily surmise that there is nothing positive to see, but Habakkuk found the right perspective that allowed him to turn what was bitter into a feast. It is interesting that when you look at this prophecy, what started out as a “burden” ended up with the prophet rejoicing and joying in the God of his salvation.

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Whatever your burden is today, it doesn’t have to be the thing that controls you or your outlook on life. You can dwell on the burden, or you can dwell on the God Who saved you from your sin. You can also be like Habakkuk who allowed a three-letter word to be the catalyst to change your outlook on life. Let me share with you several observations that can help you to change your outlook from your burden to rejoicing.

The first thing I want you to look at is that in spite of all circumstances, you still have a reason to be positive in life. Habakkuk said, “Yet.” This word means, in spite of the circumstances. In spite of all that had happened, he still chose to rejoice. In spite of the fig tree not blossoming, he still joyed in the LORD. In spite of the vines not giving fruit, he still realized he had a reason to rejoice. In spite of the flock dying which resulted in no meat, he still realized that he had a God Who saved his soul from Hell, which gave him a reason to rejoice.

No matter how bad your circumstances are, if you are saved you still have a reason to have a positive outlook in a negative world. You have to understand that your circumstances could be worse, and even if they are the worst that a person has, you are still saved and on your way to Heaven. You can let the outside circumstances control your outlook of the day and be miserable, or you can choose to look at what the LORD has given you on the inside and see the positive of your day and your future.

Second, it was the prophet’s will that caused him to see the positive in spite of the negative. Habakkuk said, “Yet, I will…” It is your choice what you choose to look at in life. It is your choice to choose how you are going to respond. You either will yourself to see the negative, or you will yourself to look at the good in life. You either will yourself poor-mouth your life, or you will yourself to rejoice and be joyful in life. Nobody makes you grumpy or negative; nothing makes you cantankerous, pessimistic, or have a bad spirit; it is your will of what you choose to do or look at that make you the way you are. My friend, you can make your life miserable by looking at the negative, or you can overcome life and its circumstances by having a positive outlook on life.

Third, the action that changes your perspective on everything is the word, “Rejoice.” The way to rejoice when life says there is nothing to joy in is by looking at God and realizing that He is your strength and your salvation. The way you rejoice is to put one foot in front of the other like hinds feet and walk in the high places with God. If you’ll walk in the high places with God, you will always find a reason to rejoice.

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