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Why You Need A Watchman

By Allen Domelle

Ezekiel 33:7

“So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.”

The need of a watchman in every person’s life is never overestimated. The watchman was the person who stood in the watchtower on the wall to watch for the enemy’s approach to take their city. The watchman’s responsibility was to blow the trumpet to warn the people about the approaching enemy so they could mount a defense so that their city wouldn’t be taken.

The watchman has always symbolized the man of God. Every city needs a watchman who stands behind the pulpit of wood and blows the trumpet of God’s Word with clarity. No person should ever leave church after hearing a sermon and wonder what the preacher was trying to say. Every person should leave church with a clear understanding of what the watchman was saying to you. There are three reasons why you need a watchman in your life.

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First, you need a watchman so that you can hear the Word of God clearly and plainly. There are times when the watchman will tell you something from God’s Word that you don’t want to hear. Just because we don’t want to hear something from God’s Word doesn’t mean that we don’t need God’s Word. You need someone who is bold enough, and someone who loves you enough to plainly tell you what God wants you to hear from His Word.

Second, you need a watchman so that you can be warned of actions that bring God’s judgment. The watchman’s job was to warn, and the preacher’s job is to warn the people of actions that bring God’s judgment. Like the prophets of old who were faithful but unpopular watchmen, so the preacher must be faithful to preach God’s Word to tell of actions and lifestyles that will bring God’s judgment. You will find that your watchman won’t always preach pleasing messages if you have a true watchman who stands behind the pulpit of your church.

Third, you need a watchman so that you can know when the enemy is approaching your walls. The watchman sees afar off because he stands in the watchtower and sees what you don’t see. There will be times when your watchman will preach things that you don’t know why he tells you not to do something or to do something, but you must understand that he is looking afar off and sees the dangers or blessings of certain actions. Your watchman will warn you of enemies who are trying to influence your life if you have a true watchman.

With these three things in mind, let me give you a couple of admonitions. First, pray for your watchman. It is not always easy, nor will it be popular for your watchman to do his task of warning faithfully. You must understand that Satan is after your preacher. Satan’s first line of attack is always against the watchman, or preacher, who faithfully preaches God’s Word. You must pray for the protection of your watchman. Satan will do everything he can to destroy or discourage him.

Second, don’t fight against your watchman; rather, be thankful that you have a watchman who loves you enough to tell you the truth. Instead of getting angry at your watchman, change the areas of your life that he is warning you about. You will never regret heeding instead of fighting your watchman’s warnings.

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