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Shaking Things Up

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Acts 4:31

“And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.”

There are times when I watch a basketball game that I will notice that the team playing seems to be sleepwalking. Yes, they are on the court playing, but it seems as if they are emotionless and are just going through the motions of the game. It doesn’t take too long before I notice the coach getting angry on the sidelines. The coach will start talking back to the referees and will at times begin to yell at them. The next thing you know, the coach gets a technical foul because of something he said to the referees. However, the next thing you see is that the coach’s team is playing with passion with their heads in the game.

If the truth be known, the coach probably wasn’t upset with the referees, but he was upset with his team. The coach had called timeouts to try to get his team to get their heads in the game but was unsuccessful. The only other thing the coach could do was to get a technical foul called on him to try and wake up his players from their passive playing. The coach knew that he needed something to shake things up to get his team’s heads back into the game, so he got a technical foul called on him to shake things up.

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The disciples found themselves in a situation where they needed things shaken up as they stood before Herod and Pilate. They had no power to shake things up, but they knew God had the power to shake things up. The only thing the church could do to shake things up was to go to prayer. It was when they prayed that God shook things up, and the power they needed was given to them to see their situation change.

Do you find your life needing things shaken up a bit? Has your life become monotonous, and it seems that nothing can get your life turned around? The answer to shaking things up in your life is prayer. When you are trying to get a job and nothing seems to be breaking prayer will shake things up. When your marriage is continually on the brink, or it seems to always have tension in it with no answers in sight, your answer to shake things up is to pray. When your finances need things shaken up, why don’t you go to God in prayer and ask Him to shake them up for good? When your family is struggling with getting along with each other, your answer is not to yell or fight with each other, but your answer is to shake things up in prayer.

Does your ministry need things shaken up a bit? Do you find your ministry just going through the motions and nothing seems to be changing? Your answer to shake things up in your ministry is to go to God and pray. The answer for your ministry when you need things shaken up is not to look for new ways of doing things, but the answer is to continue to walk the old paths, but stop and pray to ask God to shake things up. Whether it is your bus route, Sunday school class, soul-winning ministry, or your church as a whole, the answer to getting things shaken up is prayer.

What is it in your life right now that needs to be shaken up a bit? My friend, prayer is your answer to getting things shaken up to change the status quo. Prayer is the answer to shake things up from the status quo to the miraculous. Let me challenge you not to settle for the status quo, but shake things up through prayer.

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