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My Piece Of The Pie

By Allen Domelle

Psalm 119:57

“Thou art my portion, O LORD: I have said that I would keep thy words.”

People often say when it comes to an inheritance, “I want my piece of the pie.” What they are saying is that they want their portion of the inheritance. They want to makes sure that their “piece of the pie” is as good as others. When someone makes this statement, they are insinuating that they want at least an equal portion of the inheritance that they are sharing with others.


In the verse above, God is showing the believer that He is their piece of the pie. The psalmist says, “Thou art my portion, O LORD…” The word “portion” is talking about their share or their piece of the pie. When I think of God being my portion, or my piece of the pie, several words come to mind that I want to share with you.

The first word that comes to mind is choice. You must choose God to be your portion. God never forces Himself on anyone, but He offers to be your portion if you will choose Him. You may look at other choices in life like a child looks at which flavor of ice cream to get, but you will never be disappointed when you choose God to be your portion.

The second word that comes to mind is satisfaction. The verse above says that the LORD is “my portion.” In other words, he was not dissatisfied with his choice. Satisfaction in life will always and only be found when you make God your portion. Every other choice in life will eventually lose its excitement, but the joy and pleasure found in Christ will never lose its bliss.

The third word that comes to mind is incomparable. There is no comparison to the LORD being your portion. When you choose God to be your inheritance, you will find that you got the best piece of the pie. The world is always looking for another piece of the pie, but the believer who makes God their portion will find that there is nothing that can compare to their portion.

The fourth word that comes to mind is motivating. Verse 60 shows that making God your portion will cause you to make haste. If you need something to motivate you in life, you must choose God as your portion. There is nothing that can motivate you better than having God as the One whose vision for your life is inspiring and will motivate you to do something great by faith with your life.

The fifth word that comes to mind is purifying. Verse 59 says, “I thought on my ways…” You will find when you make God your portion that you will consider more carefully your choices in life. The reason it is purifying is because you don’t want to mess up what you have. You will always find that there is a purifying element to making God your portion for which you live for in life.

The sixth word that comes to mind is friendship. In verse 63, the psalmist talks about the “companionship” he found in his portion. You always find the right friends when you make God your portion in life. Your associations will never be wrong when your whole life is wrapped up in Christ. Instead of finding friends, you will discover friends when Christ is your portion.

The seventh word that comes to mind is objectivity. Verse 64 shows that the believer will see things properly when the LORD is their portion. You will see life through the eyes of God when you make the LORD your portion for life.

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