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By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Jeremiah 15:1

“Then said the LORD unto me, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people: cast them out of my sight, and let them go forth.”

My church was surveying the books of the Scriptures, and when we came to the book of Esther, I was amazed as to the turmoil it brought. One of the things I taught the people was that Esther was not as good of a lady as many have made her out to be. I pointed out that Esther got involved in a pageant to appease the lust of a wicked king, and she ended up marrying a heathen man, which is a direct contradiction of God’s Word. If it wasn’t for Mordecai, Esther would have stayed silent while her people were being slaughtered. Yes, to her credit, she finally put everything on the line for God to use her, but there were many sins committed before she stood for right.

The reason so many people had a problem with me pointing this out about Esther is because of their loyalties to her as a personality and what she finally did, which blinded their ability to see her mistakes. God is dealing with this in the verse above. God said that even if Moses and Samuel stood before Him to try and change His mind about what He was going to do to Israel, even that wouldn’t change His mind. God is saying that He is more loyal to truth than He was to personalities, nations or institutions.

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One of the biggest reasons people end up compromising what they believe is because they are more loyal to personalities and institutions than they are to truth. Truth must be your first loyalty. If you can’t separate personalities and institutions from truth, you will find yourself eventually compromising what you believe. Being loyal to personalities and institutions always leads to one day changing what you believe. Personalities and institutions change, but truth never changes. Just because a personality stood for truth ten years ago doesn’t mean they still stand for truth today. Just because a great person led an institution in the past doesn’t make it the same institution today. Being loyal to an institution because of a personality you loved from the past only leads you never to see the changes and the turns away from truth that they make.

There are two things you must do to be able to separate personalities and institutions from truth. First, your first loyalty must always be to truth over personalities and institutions. You must so cleave to the truth that you will stand with truth and separate from those who have strayed from the truth no matter who they may be. Truth must always be the determining factor with whom you choose to associate. Many people have compromised because they loved the past position of a personality or institution, which blinded them from seeing where they have strayed to today.

Second, you must be able to look at the actions of personalities and institutions separately from who you know them to be to determine whether they have changed. This is the key to determining whether they have changed. If what someone is doing now had no face to what they are doing, would it be right or wrong? You can’t look at the object and then determine if what they are doing is right, but you must look at their actions and compare them to truth to determine if the object is still right. Nobody ever said that standing for truth is easy. Always be loyal to truth over personalities and institutions, and you will succeed in never compromising and moving away from truth.

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