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Keeping The Peace

By Allen Domelle

Psalm 147:14

“He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat.”

We often look to police officers to keep the peace in a society. When there is a domestic dispute, the police come to help keep the peace. When there is a controversial figure giving a speech, the police are often in attendance to keep the peace with those who hold an opposing view. Keeping the peace is simply making sure everyone doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

The verse above says about God, “He maketh peace in thy borders…” You will notice that the peace that God gives is within the borders. The borders that are being talked about in this verse were the defined landmarks that God established for Israel. These were the landmarks God gave Abraham when He promised to make of him a great nation. One of the reasons Israel has yet to experience peace today is because they have yet to take back the borders or landmarks that God has given them.

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The world of chaos in which we live is a direct result of living without the borders which God established for us to live in His Word. The world is looking for peace in every way, when God says that peace is found “in thy borders.” Several lessons can be observed in this verse that will help you to find peace in your life.

First, perfect peace cannot be found without God. Isaiah 26:3 says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”The world is trying to find peace without God, but they only thing they find is turmoil and heartache. You cannot have peace without the God who gives peace and who is peace.

Second, there is nothing wrong with lines and boundaries. The borders are the lines and boundaries of life. Life is filled with borders, lines and boundaries. The lines in the middle of a road are the borders for a lane to help keep peace on the road. The speed limit signs are border or lines that help the driver not to go too fast that would be considered unsafe in a certain section of the road. The fences people put up around their yards are the lines, boundaries or borders that help to establish what belongs to a person. Those who make little of lines and boundaries are those who find their life in turmoil.

Third, the lines and boundaries are what gives peace. It’s when someone crosses the line or boundaries that the peace is disturbed. It is when a neighbor doesn’t respect the property lines that causes turmoil between neighbors. It is when a driver doesn’t respect the lines that define a driving lane that causes turmoil which ultimately results in an auto accident. You will always find that the lines and boundaries that so many decry as restrictive are the lines and boundaries that keep the peace between individuals.

Fourth, you will never find peace outside of the landmarks of God’s Word or will. My friend, I have pointed out all of these statements to you to help you realize that you cannot find peace when you live outside of God’s Word or will which are the lines and boundaries for the believer. If you want to have the perfect peace that is only found in Jesus Christ, you are going to have to live within the lines and boundaries of His Word and will. Inner turmoil and struggle will leave your life when you choose to live within the borders of God’s Word and will.

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