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By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Luke 1:37

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

Impossible is a big word. When you say something is impossible, you are saying that it is beyond man’s ability to make something happen. Impossible means that it is unattainable and beyond the bounds of possibility. However, the verse above says that “nothing shall be impossible” with God. Let me point out several observations about this verse that will help you with what you think is impossible.

First, what is it that you think is impossible? Because you are saying something is impossible means that you are facing something that seems to be insurmountable. Is the impossible your marriage being put back together? Is the impossible getting your life back on track? Is the impossible your financial situation becoming stable? Is your impossible having a bright future? Is your impossible your health becoming good? The impossible cannot become possible until you first identify what you think is impossible.

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Second, impossible is a perception without God. Because you are saying something is impossible simply means you are looking at it through your own abilities. Saying something is impossible is a faithless perception. My friend, as long as you say something is impossible, it will be impossible until you take off the spectacles of doubt and start looking through the eyes of faith.

Third, impossible is as much an attitude as it is a perception. Living with a negative attitude always causes you to see everything you face in life as impossible. You cannot live with a negative attitude and see anything as possible. To say that something is impossible is only revealing your negative attitude towards life.

Fourth, impossible is a real situation that is beyond your abilities. I am not trying to chide you because what you are facing is impossible through your own abilities. Your biggest problem is that you have tried to work out the impossible through your own strength, and that is what has made it seem impossible to you.

Fifth, impossible is nothing when you get a faith perception. The key to turning around the impossible is to be able to see your situation through the binoculars of faith. Your situation may be big, but when you look at it through faith, you will see that there is a solution and that it can be solved.

Sixth, God is the key to turning the impossible into possible. When you bring Omnipotence into your impossible situation is when you discover a workable solution to what seems to be impossible. My friend, you will continue to struggle with the unattainable as long as you try to do everything without God. The key to your impossible situation being worked out is getting God involved.

Seventh, God makes the impossible possible WITH you. You will never see the impossible become a reality by sitting, hiding or running. The verse above says, “…with God…” In other words, God only makes the impossible possible when you get in the yoke with Him. It is at God’s side serving and working that the impossible becomes possible.

Eighth, God will make the impossible possible in His timing. Two key words in the verse above are “shall be.” In God’s timing your impossible situation will be worked out IF you don’t quit.

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