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Helping Unbelief

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Mark 9:24

“And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.”

Unbelief has killed more great works than anything that Satan has thrown at God’s children. If someone were to ask me what is the greatest hindrance to God doing something today, my answer would be that God’s people don’t have the faith needed for God to do something through them or their life. Certainly, many have fallen for sin’s temptations, but sin’s temptations have not taken down nearly as many of God’s great works as has unbelief.

When you look throughout history, it has always been unbelief that has kept God from doing great works. Goliath continued to defy God’s people for many days because of the unbelief of Saul’s army, but it wasn’t until David stepped in with faith that God defeated Goliath through David’s hand. It was unbelief that kept the Promised Land from being taken, but it was when they stepped out by faith that God gave them that land. Story after story could be told about how unbelief kept God from doing great works for churches and individuals.

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In the verse above, it was a father who acknowledged that he needed help with his unbelief. This father had a child who had suffered physical ailments because of an unclean spirit for many years. Jesus knew that the only thing keeping that boy from being healed was the father’s unbelief. It was the prayer of the father for help with his unbelief that moved Jesus to cast out the dumb spirit.

My friend, the only thing standing between you and God’s great works is your unbelief. God wants to do great works through every individual, but it is the lack of faith of each believer that keeps God from using them. Let me remind you that unbelief is as much of a sin as any “great” sin. Adultery, fornication, drunkenness, anger and sins of these types are horrible sins, but unbelief is just as bad as these sins. You will never step into the world of faith until you acknowledge that your unbelief is a horrible sin that keeps God from doing miraculous works through your life.

Moreover, faith is present if unbelief is present. There can be no unbelief if faith is not present. What you choose to let drive you is what determines what God does through you. Every person who has ever seen God do great works through them had doubt, but they didn’t act on the doubt, but they acted on the faith that they had. This father chose to act in the little bit of faith that he had, and it was the acting on the faith that he had that caused Jesus to heal his child. You can let unbelief control you, and you will never see God’s great works if you let it be the driving factor in your life. Or, you can act on whatever faith you do have and see God do more through you than what your faith could have imagined.

My friend, you are the key to whether or not God is going to do great works in your life. Everything is possible with God, but it is what you choose to focus upon that determines what He can do through you. If you focus on your unbelief, you are killing the great works that God can do. If you will focus on the faith that you have, you will find that God will do more through you than your faith could have imagined. All God needs to do great works through you is for you to act on whatever faith you have, and it is that belief in God that unleashes His mighty power through you. However, remember that what you choose to focus upon will affect the next generation for good or bad.

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