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God’s Longcut

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Exodus 13:18

“But God led the people about, through the way of the wilderness of the Red sea: and the children of Israel went up harnessed out of the land of Egypt.”

It is interesting that the verse above says that God led the people “through the way of the wilderness of the Red sea.” When you look at a map, the way God led Israel was not the shortest way to the Promised Land, but probably one of the longest ways He could have led them. Not only was the way that God led Israel longer, but it was more difficult than if He led them a little north and then eastward towards the Promised Land. Not only was it longer and more difficult, but it also would take more time to get to the Promised Land. Yet, God had a purpose for His longcut that He took them, just like He has a purpose for your life and the directions that you take. Five lessons can be learned from God’s longcut that will help you to understand why God does what He does in your life.

First, God knows everything you will face. God knew that Israel would face the Red Sea, and He knows everything that you will face. It was no surprise to God that Israel encountered the Red Sea, and it is no surprise to God that you are facing what you face today, and what you will face tomorrow. God could easily make your way easier, but He often chooses to make your way the way it is for His purpose. God does everything the hard way because that is the best way to show you His power. No matter what you are facing today, you have to understand that God already knew that you would face it before it ever happened in your life. God has a purpose for what you are facing, and He knows the tomorrow of where your trial will take you.

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Second, don’t be afraid. God told Israel in Exodus 14:13, “Fear ye not…” Because God already knew what you were going to face, you have nothing to fear. God already has a plan on how He will deliver you through your difficulties today, so don’t try to manipulate your way out of His guiding hand.

Third, God wants to show you His power. Another reason God led Israel the way that He led them was so that they could “see the salvation of the LORD.” God often allows you to go through difficult times so He can remind you of His power. We are often forgetful people who quickly fret over our problems, so God has to bring circumstances into our lives to remind us that He is the all-powerful God.

Fourth, God wants the world to see His power through you. Not only did God want Israel to see His power, but He wanted to show His power to the Egyptians. The only way the world will see the power of God is through His workings in the believer’s life. You are robbing the world of seeing the miraculous power that God has to deliver them from their sins if you run from the hardships that He has led you through. When the world sees God deliver you through your hardships, it encourages them that He is the God who can save them from their sins.

Fifth, God wants to give you confidence for future works. The Red Sea experience became one of the encouraging reminders to Israel that God had the power to help them through any circumstance they faced. My friend, God will often lead you through difficult times to prepare you for great works in the future. Today’s victories are God’s confidence building tools to remind you that He can help you do something greater tomorrow. Don’t fight God’s longcut because it is His school to prepare you for your Promised Land.

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