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Fruit Quenchers

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Mark 4:20

“And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.”

God’s desire for the believer is that they bring forth fruit. A fruitless believer is an unhappy believer. A fruitless believer is a disobedient believer. The Scriptures say in John 15:16, “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit…” You cannot be right with God and be a fruitless believer. In Mark 4:13-20, Jesus teaches what can quench your ability to have fruit in your Christian walk. Let me point out these fruit quenchers.


First, the lack of depth in the Scriptures will quench your fruit. Verse 17 shows that a lack of depth in God’s Word will eventually cause you to quit on God. You may be able to go for a while without spending time in God’s Word, but you will find that one day you will quit serving Him if you don’t spend time in the Scriptures. Many people have served the LORD for a short time and quit, and the biggest reason is because they dried up without any nourishment from the Scriptures. You will not be a lifelong fruit bearing servant of Christ without spending time in the Scriptures daily.

Second, affliction and persecution has quenched the fruit of many. Verse 17 also shows that many have quit when times got hard. If the only time you are going to serve the LORD is when it is easy, you will be a short-term worker for Christ. You shouldn’t serve the LORD because it is easy, but you should serve Him because it is the right thing to do. If you will serve the LORD because it is the right thing to do, you won’t quit when times get hard.

Third, cares of this world will quench your fruit quickly. Many believers have gotten caught up in worldly affairs that pulled them away from the duties they have in serving the LORD. My friend, if you don’t want the “cares of this world” to pull you away from serving the LORD, you had better minimize how tied up you get in worldly activities. It would be best to avoid the ties of worldly leagues and hobbies if you want to be a lifelong servant of Christ.

Fourth, the desire for money has caused many believers to stop bearing fruit. There is nothing wrong with making money, but it is sure hard to bear fruit when your focus is money. Money is certainly needed to pay your bills and to help the work of the LORD to go forward, but it cannot be your focus if you are going to be a fruit-bearing believer.

Fifth, immorality has killed the fruit-bearing of many believers. The lusts of the flesh has killed many fruit-bearing trees. You may be struggling in your marriage or in your flesh, but you would be wise to get help so that you don’t lose the joy of bearing fruit as a believer of Christ.

My friend, you may find yourself in one of these areas and say that you’re still seeing fruit, but are you still seeing the same amount of fruit you once had? Fruit never dies immediately, and often people don’t know that they are no longer bearing fruit until the fruit is gone. In fact, many are enjoying the fruit from yesterday’s efforts, and that is why they believe they are doing fine when in reality they are no longer bearing fruit.

Let me encourage you not to allow the fruit quenchers to kill your ability to bear fruit for Christ. Keep your heart as fertile soil for God to speak to you. The only way you will enjoy the Christian walk is by continually bearing fruit.

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Pastor Allen Domelle was raised in a preacher’s home. At a young 5 years of age he was saved. Later, at the age of 13, he surrendered his life to full-time Christian service. By the time he was 15 years of age, a position opened up in his church that allowed him to start preaching every week. After graduating from high school, he went to Hyles-Anderson College where he graduated. He later received an honorary doctorate from the Bethel Baptist College in Jacksonville, Arkansas.
Bro. Domelle started traveling as a full-time evangelist in 1990. Throughout the years of being an evangelist, God allowed him to preach in 49 of the 50 states and several foreign countries, see thousands of people saved, and thousands of decisions made by believers in those meetings.
On April 15, 2018, Bro. Domelle took the pastorate at Maranatha Baptist Church in Bethany, Oklahoma. He continues to travel and hold meetings while pastoring a growing church. Bro. Domelle also co-founded the Old Paths Conference which is a Baptist conference that strongly promotes the old-time ways. He has authored several books, and is the founder and editor of the Old Paths Journal.
Bro. Domelle believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to win people to Christ. He personally wins many people to Christ each year. He has also seen several men saved under his ministry who have been called to preach and are now pastoring here in the States or serving as missionaries on foreign fields.
Bro. Domelle and his wife, Sandy, have been happily married since 1994. They have one daughter, Caitlyn.

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