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Building Confidence

By Allen Domelle

Philippians 1:6

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”

Confidence is one of the greatest needs for the believer. Confidence is needed to live a life of faith. Confidence is needed to be an effective soul winner. Confidence is needed to teach the Word of God with boldness. Confidence is needed to make an impact on the lives of individuals. You will never be the believer you are supposed to be without confidence.

Because confidence is so important, Satan is always trying to sow doubt in the heart of the believer. He knows that he can destroy the believer’s confidence if he can get them to doubt or question what God wants them to do and their position with God. One of the reasons sin is so damaging to the believer is because it takes their confidence and their ability to be effective for Christ.

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If you are going to be an effective believer for Christ, you are going to have to build your confidence in Him and in yourself. There are several things the verse above teaches about building the confidence of the believer.

First, God wants you to be confident. The verse above says, “Being confident of this very thing…” God would have never put this in the Scriptures if He didn’t want you to be confident. There is nothing wrong with being a confident believer; in fact, confidence is needed if you are going to become what the LORD wants you to be. You’ll never reach your potential for Christ without confidence.

Second, you build confidence by realizing that God has started a work in you. The verse above says, “…he which hath begun a good work…” God started His work in your life far before you ever realized He was working in your life. You can walk in the confidence you need to do the LORD’s work if you realize that you are a work of God.

Third, you build confidence by realizing that God never starts something that He never finishes. God has never left a work undone, and He will not leave you as an unfinished work. Whatever work the LORD has started in your life, you can be assured that He will finish it no matter what may try to stop Him from finishing it. You will encounter many obstacles and trials that will seemingly keep Him from finishing His work on you, but you can be assured that God is big enough to overcome the obstacles and trials you face to finish His work in your life.

Fourth, you build confidence by realizing every work God does is good. The verse above says that God “hath begun a good work in you.” You may not see what the good is that God is doing through you, but you must trust Him that He knows what is good. Every part of your life that God has placed in your life is a good part. You must be careful not to place your own elements in your life that will fight against the good that God has allowed in your life.

Fifth, you build confidence by realizing that God never stops working in you. The verse above says that God will perform this good work “until the day of Jesus Christ:” My friend, God’s work in you will continue until you get to Heaven. Don’t ever think that God is no longer interested in your life. He is interested in all of His works, and because you are His work, He will be interested in you until the day you die.

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