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And I Saw

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Revelation 19:11

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”

When John said, “And I saw heaven opened,…” he was not in the best of circumstances. John had been exiled to the isle of Patmos for preaching the Gospel. The isle of Patmos was not a resort, but it was a small isle that was rocky and barren. In other words, John was left there to die by starvation. He had every right to look at his situation and realize how dire and how horrible it was going to be.

The amazing part about John was that he didn’t let the condition of life in which he lived to determine his outlook of life. Instead, he received encouragement for life from a different source. It says in Revelation 1:10, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,” When John should have been complaining about his present condition, he instead saw a vision of God and what was going to happen to the believer in the future. Twenty-five times in the Book of Revelation, John made the statement, “And I saw…” What did John see? He saw God, Heaven, and the angels of God doing a great work for God. John chose to see the good side of life when he had every opportunity to see the wretched condition of his life. John’s perception not only helped him to get through the isle of Patmos with a right spirit and attitude, but it helped millions of others through the writing in Revelation.

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My friend, everybody is going to have their rugged and small isle of Patmos in their life. Everyone will have times in life when they feel exiled and alone. Many different things can cause a person to feel all alone. You probably have either gone through a situation like this or are presently going through an isle of Patmos situation. Let me give you some help from John’s perception that will help you when you face your isle of Patmos situation.

First, your perception of life is up to you. As bad as your life may become, you have a choice as to whether you are going to dwell on the barrenness of life or to look to the heavens to receive encouragement. In Psalm 121:1, the psalmist lifted his “eyes to the hills” to get his help. John lifted his eyes to see God and the grandeur of Heaven to receive his perception of life. You will always see life in a negative perception if you choose to look at the dire and barren situation of life. I have learned that life is great no matter what I face when I look and see that God is still on His throne.

Second, which spirit you choose to yield to will determine your perception of life. John was in the “Spirit” on the LORD’s day when he could have been in the “spirit” and seen his life’s condition. When you allow your spirit to dictate your perception is when you will fail to allow the Holy Spirit to point your eyes upward to give you a heavenly perception. You will find that when you choose to yield to the Holy Spirit to get your perception of life is when you will see life in a whole new way that others will never understand.

Third, your perception of life will affect others. We enjoy the Book of Revelation today because John had the right perception. My friend, your perception and attitude in life affects others around you. Let me ask you, are you positively affecting people, or are you negatively affecting them? Look to God and you will always have a perception that will affect people for good.

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