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After the Miracle Moments

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Matthew 14:23

“And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.”

The verse above is one of the most important actions that Jesus commonly took after one action and before another incident. The verse above comes after Jesus fed the five thousand men. There is no doubt that the feeding of the five thousand was a miracle moment. Jesus easily could have ridden on the high of the feeding of the five thousand and gone into the next incident without the verse above, but it was the verse above that prepared Him for the next incident that followed.

The next incident that followed the verse above is the storm where Peter walked on water. In other words, Jesus went apart to pray before He walked on water. Jesus understood that He couldn’t ride the high of the previous miracle because life goes on after the miracle. It was Jesus’ character to go aside after the miracle that gave Him the power to face the storm and walk on water.

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My friend, one of the greatest mistakes you can make after God performs a great work is to ride the high of the miracle moment and never go apart to pray. It is after the miracle moments of life that Satan does his greatest damage to God’s people because they fail to go apart to pray. It is often after the miracles of God that many believers face the greatest storms in their life. The most critical moment of a believer’s life is after the miracle moment and before the storm; it is in this moment that the believer must pray. Let me share a few thoughts about this critical truth.

First, it takes character to go apart to pray after the miracle moment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the miracle, but you must go apart by character and pray for God’s help for the next incident of life. Always remember that today’s miracle is a result of yesterday’s prayer, but tomorrow’s victory is dependent upon what you do after today’s miracle.

Second, you must go apart to pray because every day won’t be a miracle day. The next day after Jesus fed the five thousand was when He saw the great storm. You are going to fight your greatest battles after the greatest miracles, and this is why you must go apart to pray after the miracle. It was after the fire fell from Heaven that Elijah became discouraged and wanted to quit. The Devil is not going to sit idle because the LORD worked a miracle. You must realize that you need to go apart to pray because you are about to face the greatest storm or battle of your life after the miracle moments.

Third, it is whether you pray after the miracle that determines what the next incident becomes. The storm or battle after the miracle will either become your graveyard or next miracle moment depending on your next action. The storm that almost sank the disciples became the walking on water moment for Peter’s life because Jesus prayed. You must go apart to pray because others are depending on your prayer life to make it through the storms that you will face after the miracle.

Let me ask you, do you find yourself failing to go apart to pray after the miracle moments in life? Do you find yourself experiencing the greatest failures of your life after the miracle moments? The answer to keeping this from happening is to go apart to pray after the miracle moment so that the next incident can be turned from devastation into victory.

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