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Ode To My Baby Brother




 Ode To My Baby Brother


Hi my name is Owen

This is my baby brother Al

Although we may fight and argue

He’s my buddy, my bestest pal


He looks up to me, you know

Like little brothers do

He doesn’t like to leave my side

He sticks to me like glue


We have lots of fun together

We run and laugh and play

We hop and skip and jump around

We dance our cares away


Mommy says we drive her bananas

Don’t know what that means, but it sure sounds fun

Cuz who doesn’t love bananas? If I could, I’d eat them by the ton


We like to play who can scream the loudest

At this, my baby brother takes first prize

His high pitch shriek makes the whole house shake

Not bad for a boy of such little size


We like to use our imaginations

When we dress up in our superhero clothes

Together, we fight to save the world

From our planet’s most evil foes


I like to make-believe I’m a monster

And Al plays dinosaur

I moan and groan just like Frankenstein

While Al T-Rex lets out a great big ROARRR!!


Mommy works all day to keep the house clean

But we all know boys will be boys

We blow through every room like a tornado

Littering the floor with all our toys


It’s dinnertime and I clear my plate

But Al’s picky about what he will eat

If you try to feed him fruit or veggies

He’ll fly right out of his seat


It’s getting late. It’s time for our bath

Mommy tries her best to get us scrubbed

That’s no easy task when we squirm like slippery fish

And toss all the water out the tub


When it’s time for bed

Mommy tucks us in and gives us a kiss and a hug

In slumber we dream of our brotherly adventures

Under blankets soft and snug


I do so love my brother Al

It’s true we’re partners in crime

I will stand with him and him with me

Until the end of time


Shelly Papinaw has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and works at BWC in Fort Gratiot as a professional outpatient mental health counselor. She also does work as an adjunct online professor for Madonna University, supervises limited license counselors working toward full licensure, and is an independent consultant for the natural and organic spa line, Lemongrass Spa.

She is also the author of the following books: “The Misadventures of Maggie and Lou: My Boston Terrier Bandits”, “Tales of a Dreamer”, “Selling Your Soul to the Dissertation Process” under the name Pandora H. Dellinger,  and the children’s book, “A Baby Brother for Maggie and Lou.”

She resides in the City of Port Huron with her husband, two young sons, and two Boston Terriers.  Her passions include reading, writing, running, yoga, and completion of various bucket list challenges.

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