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Nursing heroes get well-deserved respite

Most people are unaware of the multitude of challenges, frustrations, and sacrifices faced by frontline nursing heroes. And I’m not only talking only about the hospitals where they work but in their own homes as well.

Some people claim the stay-at-home order, mask-wearing, and social-distancing, are too much of a personal sacrifice. Ok, I have to pop in here and say, “ah, no!”

These people are clueless about what all front-line heroes are coping with. Some were sent into battle with inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); given plain surgical masks to use for four (4) months, but now are told they need to wear the safer N-95 masks.

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A lot of angry nurses.

Departing home for another battle in the war of COVID-19, they leave behind children with tear-filled eyes who fear mom or dad will get sick while helping others. Feeling as if they were thrown to the wolves, being put into situations where so little is known, causing stress and added anxiety.

Although emotionally and physically exhausted, they continue pushing onward helping others, doing what they love to do. Offering dignity and humanity to those in need.

A much needed break on the shores of Lake Huron

My niece is a nurse at a major hospital. After months of treating COVID patients, she and five co-workers together planned a much-needed gathering. These nurses have a bond few can appreciate; friendships that were strengthened in adversity. Time and space with friends who are more like family than co-workers.  Laughing and joking, their raucous laughter echoes across the waters of southern Lake Huron. Such a delight to witness as an outsider.

There are times some may struggle to say thank you. Of course, the words are uttered with all sincerity. However, the greatest thank you that we can offer all Frontline Heroes is rather simple: don a mask, wash your hands regularly, and maintain social distance while in public.

Together, if we are doing our part, we can slow the spread and eventually defeat this virus.

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