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Ron Wyatt’s Discoveries with Jerry & Rose Bowen Part I: Noah’s Ark

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Is Noah’s Ark real?

That’s just one of the many questions that adventurer Ron Wyatt set out to answer. In his lifetime, he claimed to have made nearly 100 other Bible-related discoveries. In this four-part series, Rose and Jerry Bowen from Anchor Stone International present some of the discoveries of Ron Wyatt, such as the site of Noah’s Ark, the crossing of the Red Sea, the Crucifixion, the Ark of the Covenant, and much more. With them, they bring pictures, artifacts, and detailed accounts of some of the most sacred stories of the Bible.

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In the first installment in the series, Rose and Jerry discuss the Durupınar site, near the village of Üzengili in eastern Turkey. Many – including Ron Wyatt – believe that this is the site of Noah’s Ark. What sets Ron Wyatt apart, however, is the evidence he brought back from his visits to Turkey. Take a look at what was found and let us know if you believe in Ron Wyatt’s discovery!

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