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Nature is Not Canceled!

Article courtesy Friends St. Clair River

Get Outdoors! Explore Our Watersheds

Growing interest in health and nature connections has led to a new kind of therapy, Nature Therapy. Getting outside for a short while—even if you’re just sitting—can do wonders when it comes to de-stressing. The good news is that social distancing doesn’t mean we all need to hunker down indoors. It’s okay to go outside, so by all means head outside! 

Studies have shown exposure to green spaces (parks, forests, wooded paths, yards) reduces stress – something we could all benefit from right now. Consider a restorative walk along a river or creek of our local watersheds.

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What is a watershed? A watershed is another word for drainage basin. It’s an area of land that drains runoff and streams to a larger body of water, like a river or lake. Watersheds don’t end at the water’s edge; they extend onto the land it surrounds. 

This “St. Clair County Watersheds” map color codes every watershed in St. Clair County. For example, the Black River watershed is shaded light green to show all the land that drains to the Black River.

St. Clair County has seven watersheds – Mill Creek, Black River, Lake Huron, St. Clair River, Pine River, Belle River and Anchor Bay. Find where you live, work or play on the map. 

Now is the time to give yourself the gift of time spent outdoors! Explore these watersheds our team is dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring! 

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