My Faith

By Mary Bisciaio

Dressing up for church

Hair combed, shoes polished, my Sunday best

My youthful restlessness

My faith saves me.

College classes

Late night parties

Temptations to drink and experiment with drugs

My faith saves me.

I do’s in a chapel

Honeymoon on a beach

Adjusting to another to start a life

My faith saves me.

Babies and birthdays

Family vacations

Still Sunday mass and brunches

All my joys

My faith saves me.

Drug addiction

Problems in school and with the police

Arguments between us

Parents aging quickly

Money too tight

All my struggles and pain

I turn to my roots.

My faith saves me.

Achy bones

Blurry vision

Faulty hearing

Can’t remember

Death takes him

Alone for the first time in forty years

My faith saves me.


I close my eyes.

Everyone I love is here.

HE whispers softly. “It’s time. Your faith has saved you.”

A blessed and happy Easter to everyone!! ♥

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