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Museum Matters with Andrew Kercher: Executive Director Veronica Campbell

Museum Matters is the perfect mix of education and entertainment. Andrew Kercher brings us tales, treasures, and all the insider knowledge of history in and around the Blue Water Area! From artifacts to anecdotes, this show has it all, and you won’t want to miss a second.

Andrew Kercher interviews Veronica Campbell, the Executive Director of the museum. She talks about the exhibit called Discovery City, which opened in September, where children can play and learn. She also talks about the activities that will be happening at the museum. Watch the video to learn more!

Have a hankerin’ for more history? Fancy learning some fun facts? The Port Huron museums are waiting for you! For site hours, current exhibits, and educational programs offered you can visit!

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Enjoy the show, and stay tuned to Blue Water Healthy Living for future episodes of Museum Matters!

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