Mosher’s Jewelers

By Karrie Beck

Originally published on February 17, 2017.

Blending beautifully modern and unique jewelry with timeless pieces, Mosher’s Jewelers continues their commitment to the Blue Water Area. Owners, Bill Mosher and his sister, Emily Mosher Wallace, truly capture the essence of what it means to be family-owned. Dating as far back as the late 1800s, Mosher’s Jewelers founder, Clarence W. Mosher, a watchmaker from Holly, MI, began his work in Port Huron in 1906 operating a corner counter in Sylvester’s Drug Store. Here, he serviced watches for the crews of Grand Trunk and Pere Marquette railroads.

The iconic Mosher’s Jewelers’ street clock, dating back to 1910 and still visible today, proudly symbolized the service needs of the railroad community.  Following WWII, George Mosher joined his father, Seely Mosher and purchased a larger, more modern store in 1965. As the business grew, various items were added throughout the generations. Fine china, gemstones, and silver gifts, just to name a few. This location, currently residing at 206 Huron Avenue, was historically reconstructed in 1993.

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  • The beautifully written article about Mosher’s jewelry touched at the heartstrings of this Port Huron native. Remembering the clock as being huge in the eyes of a child and now learning from Karrie’s article what it truly represents makes symbolically much larger. The history of Port Huron is richly laced with loyalty and integrity. Feeling blessed to call Port Huron, home.

  • Karrie, Did you uncover any additional info on Clarence W Mosher. I have a clock with a label on the back that says C W Mosher, Jeweler and Optician, Holly. The clock dates from about 1870-1875, by labels and style. Perhaps he repaired it. It is a Waterbury clock. Do you know when he was in business in Holly?
    Thanks for any insight,

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