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Mobil 1 Lube Express, a family business devoted to the Blue Water Area

By: Melissa Wrubel

Paul Richter has been the team leader of Mobil 1 Lube Express for 37 years. Located at 3041 Krafft Rd. in Fort Gratiot, MI, Mobile 1 Lube Express boasts top-notch products, an ultra-clean environment, and stellar customer service. Paul has a big heart for his business, and a big heart for our community. His commitment to organizations like the Fort Gratiot Rotary Club, the Holy Trinity Parish and polio eradication prove just that.

In 1979, after graduating from high school, Paul intended to follow in his father’s footsteps and enter the construction business. But the economy had taken a fall, and he was engaged to be married with the hopes of starting a family soon. Paul subsequently decided that he was going to do something a bit different with his career. At 18 years old, while reading through Entrepreneur magazine, he found an article about a man who started a successful 10-minute oil change business. Paul was so intrigued by this new concept and the success of the business that he knew right then and there what he wanted to pursue. Paul found a friend who wanted to partner with him, so they decided to get on board and open a business for themselves. Within one year, Paul’s partner decided to go in another direction, and Paul bought him out of his half of the business. The original location, opened in 1980 at the Lapeer Rd/highway bypass corner, was now fully owned by Paul and his wife, Judy.

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In 1980, the concept of a 10-minute oil change was fairly new. There were only three other drive-thru oil change businesses in the state of Michigan, and only a couple hundred in the United States. To date, Paul has been in the quick oil change business longer than anyone else in the entire state of Michigan! Throughout the years, Paul added two additional locations to his business … one in Marysville and another at his current location in Fort Gratiot. He ultimately sold the Marysville and Lapeer Rd. businesses, and put his all into his Fort Gratiot location.

Mobil 1 Lube Express has 7 full-time employees, who Paul considers “family” … Manager, Scott; Assistant Manager, Jay; Crew member, Brian; Customer Service Provider, Tammy; Lube Technician, Charles; Customer Service Representative, Christian; and Accounting, Judy. Although all of the team is considered “family,” a few of the crew members are actually family members! This is an authentic family business! Many of the crew members have been with the team for 10+ years. Paul said that the most rewarding part of his business is working with his team, giving them any and all tools they may need to focus on customer service.

Paul’s dedication to the Fort Gratiot Rotary Club (he has been an active member for over 20 years!) has led him to be passionate about the clean water movement and the eradication of polio. The Rotary Club caught his attention for it’s human services and international membership. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation donates to Rotary, their favorite foundation! Presenting the coupon below through the end of the year will give you $7 off, with $3 donated to Rotary to the eradication of polio.

Stop in to this amazing family business and see the difference!

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