Missions Monday – January 10, 2022

Before You Go – Day 2 Commentary

By Derek Elles

The reference to a rudder steering a boat is an excellent analogy in understanding mission work. I use the example of a canoe or rowboat often to help describe how we should keep the boat moving while letting the Lord steer. If you do not row a canoe, it cannot be steered and will often end up tipping over or getting caught up in weeds and branches along the shore. We must be careful, however, not to row too hard on one side as this will steer the canoe. This is when we are not being “flexible” and decide to take control, not giving the Lord “space to direct our plans.”

This is a much easier task when we realize that the Lord called us to go on the mission trip and it is He who made provisions for us to do so. I remember one team where a member was trying to steer their canoe so hard saying, “I paid for my ticket.” They felt this gave them permission to do whatever they wanted. They did not realize that the Lord allowed them to pay for that ticket and that there were others wanting to go that were not able, or allowed by the Lord.

We see this behavior in Acts 26:14 where the Lord tells to Paul that “it is hard to kick against the goads.” A goad is used to guide animals such as cattle or donkeys. This passage refers to Paul, or us, as the animal and the goad is the Lord’s will. Animals will often cause themselves harm while resisting the will of the one guiding them.

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When we give just the right amount of motion to our canoe, answer the call to go on the mission, and allow the Lord to steer, we will recognize those opportunities that He provides for us along the way to share His love with others.

Until next week. Blessings in Yahweh’s grace, mercy, and peace.

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