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Missions Monday – April 5th, 2021

By Derek Elles

Praying for Missionaries

Since many countries have a religion that is a part of their culture, it is important to have strategies to expose them to the truth in Christ. That is why it is necessary to have many types of outreaches; they fulfill a need but are also the hook that will present Christ to them. Aside from the physical and financial burden of this, come difficulties in the culture, language, and mindset of people. The Lord is the only one that can make this work, but the missionaries on the front lines are His tools.

There are many struggles and challenges in the missionary’s life. One especially difficult one is working with churches. That may sound strange as it is a vital part of the mission, but the problem is that churches need to justify their budget and do so by requiring data from the missionary which is not so easily obtained. Missionaries provide as many pictures as possible to show their work, but it can take years for people to show a change.

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We met with a church in North Carolina and were so excited to show how we had open doors in public schools to bring our values program to the children liked. While not being allowed to talk about religion in schools, we felt very bold using the Action Bible to teach, and pray with the children. They only thing they wanted to know was how many children accepted Christ? Truth was none that we knew of as we were not allowed to teach doctrine, but we did plant the seed. Not liking this answer, they refused to work with us.

Missionaries are thinking, planning, and working hard in a field that might never give them fruit because God has different plans. Frustration and discouragement can come very easy. This is the time when a text, a note, a prayer can be crucial, knowing that people are praying for you. When you pray for missionaries, let them know. Pray for:

  • Open doors to share Christ
  • Partnerships with local churches
  • Short term mission teams to help their ministry
  • Protection while traveling
  • To see fruits that encourage
  • People to join them in prayers and donations for support

Until next week. Blessings in Yahweh’s grace, mercy and peace.

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