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Minimum Wage

By Patrick Knowles II

Many on the left, as usual, are grumbling about how much more money the 500 richest people in America have made over the decades while complaining that the federal minimum wage has been $7.25/hr since 2009, maybe even longer. 

This is true, but they conveniently leave out that most of the 50 States have minimum wages of $2 plus higher than the federal minimum wage. They also leave out that less than 2% of the American workforce makes minimum wage, which includes federal as well each state’s individual minimum wage. 

An overwhelming majority of people who show they want to work and work hard surpass minimum wage within 90 days to a year. My first two jobs were both fast food. I started working at age 16. By the time I left both of these jobs, I was making almost $3 more than the federal minimum wage. If you show your employer you are willing to work, they will pay you more. If you won’t, they will find someone who will. 

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By the way, the same regressive left demanding $15/hr are the same ones who support open borders and illegal immigration. In what fairy tale world is an employer going to pay you $15/hr and full benefits when they can pay an illegal immigrant $4/hr and no benefits? Do you enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot?

An unskilled workforce seriously drives down wages. Not that I would expect a regressive leftist to be smart enough to understand this. They obviously never read a history book, and they clearly know very little about economics. All the regressive left knows about the Law of Supply and Demand is they expect the government to supply them free stuff while they continue to demand more free stuff. 

I did mention that less than 2% of the American workforce makes minimum wage. That would also include people who make less as well – so little they need welfare on top of that meager wage. Despite what Democrats and the regressive left says, conservatives have no issue with people who truly do need welfare. But welfare was never meant to be a career choice. It was meant to be a temporary help to allow people to get back on their feet. Conservatives and other working Americans have an issue with societal parasites who refuse to work and expect the rest of us to take care of them when they are FULLY CAPABLE of taking care of themselves. 

The regressive left calls us heartless, saying we don’t respect our fellow humans because we don’t want to take care of them from birth to death. In reality, it is the regressive left that doesn’t respect humankind because they are the ones that truly think people are too stupid, weak and pathetic to take care of themselves. This is the same left that believes they are superior to everyone else, that they and only they are the ones to “lift us from oppression” and tell us what is best for us. 

They hold this same condescending attitude towards all minorities as well while hypocritically accusing the rest of us of being racists when they are the ones who think minorities are too stupid, weak and inferior to take care of themselves. Only Democrats and the government can do that. 

If a black man can become the US President and the US Attorney General, then minorities can achieve anything they desire if they are willing to work for it, just like any other American citizen.

Patrick Knowles II
Political Commentator

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