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“Michigan Senior Marches for Freedom”

South Lyon, MI  –   September 10, 2019

“Michigan Senior Marches for Freedom” by Bob Cushman

“Retired Pilot Begins Walking 124 Miles for Religious Freedom” 

On September 9th, Bob Cushman, retired Corporate Pilot and founder of the group “Michigan Christians for Religious Liberty”, began to walk 124 miles from Port Huron, Michigan to the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan for the cause of Religious Freedom. He walked about nine miles from Port Huron to Smith’s Creek on Monday.
The purpose of the “Lakes to Lansing March for Religious Freedom” according to Cushman is threefold:
1.       To highlight the importance of this God-Given Freedom known as our “First Freedom” that predates our Constitution
2.        To draw attention to the continuous attacks on our Religious Freedom here in Michigan and elsewhere
3.       To promote financial donations to organizations that are on the frontline of preserving our Religious Freedom such as the “Michigan House of Prayer”, “Salt And Light Global” and “The Michigan Oak Initiative”
Gina Johnsen, Leader of Michigan House of Prayer will accompany Cushman on the First portion of the “March” along the beautiful Lake Huron and St Clair River Shoreline from the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse to the Pine Grove Park. 

The 69-Year-Old South Lyon resident estimates that the walk from Port Huron to the State Capitol steps in Lansing will take him 11 more days with daily destinations of Emmett, Capac, Imlay City, Lapeer, Davison, Flint, Durand, Perry and East Lansing with arrival on the State Capitol Steps about 11 AM on September 21, 2019.
Bob Cushman calls for all persons that would support Religious Freedom to consider helping this most important cause by doing one or more of the following:

Donate (monthly if possible) to the Michigan House of Prayer ( and click on “Give” Donate (monthly if possible) to the Salt and Light Global ( and click on “Contribute” Support “The Michigan Oak Initiative” by purchasing a Tee Shirt from its subsidiary MMGA –  (Make Michigan Great Again) at ( Stay informed by joining our Facebook Group “Michigan Christians for Religious Liberty”  (

Cushman pointed out that The Pilgrim’s Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, and Michigan’s own Constitution indicate that we have always been a Christian, God-believing people.

Additionally, Bob Cushman pointed out that the Michigan Constitution begins with the following language:
“ We, the people of the State of Michigan, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom, and earnestly desiring to secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution.”

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 When asked about specific attempts to breach our Religious Freedom here in Michigan, Cushman pointed to the Illegal and Un-Constitutional Actions of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel:
Referring to an article in the Catholic League (

“Dana Nessel Over-rides Religious Freedom! In 2015, Michigan’s legislature passed a law to protect the religious freedom of faith-based foster care and adoption agencies, assuring that they wouldn’t be forced to choose between their values and their mission to find homes for children. The bill was supported by the Michigan Catholic Conference.
Nessel, outspoken in her opposition to the law, promised that as Michigan’s top law enforcement official she would not defend this state law against a pending legal challenge by the ACLU of Michigan.
Now she has made good on that promise. In a settlement with the ACLU, she has decreed that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services must end state contracts with faith-based agencies, rather than allow them to make child placement decisions in
accord with their religious beliefs.
Once again, Nessel demonstrates her contempt for the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, decreeing that faith-based agencies must check their religious principles at the door before they will be allowed to provide services for children in need.”
“I find it offensive and indefensible that we have an Attorney General that would be so willing to throw the Michigan Constitution, The US Constitution, Michigan Law and her own oath of office under the bus!“  Cushman stated.
Cushman further pointed out that Dana Nessel swore: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the constitution of this state, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of ………. according to the best of my ability.” This is the oath that all persons in the Legislature and the Executive Branch of Michigan government make. Dana Nessel is in direct violation of her oath of office and is at risk of impeachment. Cushman states that this is not the first time that she has indicated an unwillingness to support the Rule of Law in Michigan. She has previously stated that if Roe Vs Wade is overturned, she will not enforce the Michigan Law against abortion (750.14 Act 328 of 1931).
According to an April 30th Detroit News article, two lawsuits have recently been filed in state and federal court in response to Nessel’s ultimatum that forces faith-based child placement agencies to choose between their religious identity and their humanitarian service to vulnerable persons.
Cushman summarizes the aforementioned evidence by saying: “I believe that the good citizens of Michigan deserve an attorney general that is willing and desirous of following and upholding our Constitutions and our laws.”
Contact Bob Cushman via or text him at 734-780-5662 for any additional information.

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