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Meandering paths and the beauty of diversity

By Barbara Hanneke

Harbor Impact Ministries

I was the first girl in a long line of Norwegians.  I went to Ohio State University, majoring in elementary education and music. I taught 1st grade for five years.  I then took leave to become a mother but was hired back shortly to teach music.     When I had my second child, I was Director of Music for a church, and one of my tenors asked me to organize his firm.  Before I knew it, I exchanged schools for law firms where I stayed for the next 22 years.  I was born in Gibson City, Illinois but lived in New Jersey, Ohio, New Mexico, and Michigan.

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Many addresses, different jobs.  WHAT WAS IT ALL ABOUT?  Well, it turns out, IT WAS ABOUT SERVICE.  Each slice of my pie revealed diverse opportunities to learn.  And was I ever going to get a chance to use what I learned! 

Following the invitation of the Lord, in 2010, at the age of 64, I began Harbor Impact Ministries.  Other skilled, spirit-filled servants were also invited to join me.  Our qualifications were vastly different, but that was necessary to attend one-by-one to the needs of those we served.  We created a holistic non-profit organization that draws from 50+ churches, service clubs, agencies, and the public. It is distinctively unique.  We were not able to find any similar organizations, though we looked high and low.  Each segment of the Harbor was woven from scratch, so we are grateful for the varying backgrounds of our staff and the number of problems we have been able to remedy.  Especially during the Pandemic, we have had leaders who can temper the rest of us with the gift of peace.  How grateful we are for diversity.  

Suppose your life has taken a meandering path, and you have asked yourself why – take a tour of Harbor Impact Ministries.   You might just find out why.

We encourage you to take a moment and get to know the outstanding work of Harbor Impact Ministries. For more information, contact them at 810-662-3936.

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