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McKenzie Health System “Healthy Living…Together” Feb. 15 Session to Share Tips for Calming Anxiety Through Mindfulness

By Arica Frisbey of Sanilac Broadcasting

Offering effective, everyday tips on reducing anxiety, the next “Healthy Living…Together” event will take place on February 15 from noon to 1:00 p.m. with a focus on Calming Anxiety Through Mindfulness with Jacqui Rabine, a Health Extension Educator with MSU Extension.

Mindfulness can involve breathwork, meditation, and focusing on the present moment. Rabine will share simple tips and information on how to use mindfulness to relax, slow down, and focus more on the present moment, letting go of anxiety and worry.

Registration for the free event is available at or by calling 810-648-6117.

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The live session includes the ability to watch via Zoom or call in via phone; the webinar will also be recorded and shared via McKenzie Health System’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Speakers are on video so participants can see and hear them; participants will be able to type interactive questions and comments for the Q&A discussion.

Again, community members can register for each free event at 810-648-6117 or

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