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Marysville water plant to repair de-watering pump

The Flygt dewatering pump in the Marysville water plant, similar to the one pictured here, will be removed, rebuilt and reinstalled. - Photo courtesy of Xylem Flygt

By Jim Bloch

The west settling basin in the Marysville Water Filtration Plant will soon get a rebuilt de-watering pump.

“What we have is a pump that’s in this year’s budget for repair,” said Bari Wrubel, supervisor of the water and wastewater plants, addressing the city council at its regular meeting, Feb. 10. “It’s been down for a little while now. The tank that it’s in, we drop it every six or eight months for dewatering and cleaning. This pump was part of our improvement projects back around 2013. It was a dual-purpose pump at the time but now it’s just a dewatering pump to get the tank emptied out so we can get in and do the cleaning. It has a seal failure. We had the motor tested. The motor is iffy. It’s on its way out. If we’re going to spend the money to tear this pump apart, we’re going to do the motor while we’re there.”

The pump is a patented product of Flygt.

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Wrubel contacted seven companies for bids to overhaul the pump and reinstall it. Three firms submitted bids.

“When it came down to it, Kennedy Industries came in with the lowest bid for exactly what we wanted,” said Wrubel.

The bid from the firm, based in Wixom, was $8,215 with installation.

Core Electric of Chesterfield Township quoted $9,551 for the job without installation.

Jett Pump and Value of Waterford submitted a bid of $12,973 for a new pump without installation.

Bari Wrubel, supervisor of the Marysville water and wastewater plants.
Bari Wrubel, supervisor of the Marysville water and wastewater plants.

“They’re expecting a one or two-week turnaround,” said Wrubel. “The pump will be back in and we’ll get going on that basin for the early spring cleanout this year.”

Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Hayman asked it the repair came with a warranty.

Yes, said Wrubel, one year on this repair.

Hayman asked about the life expectancy of the repaired pump.

Three, maybe four years, Wrubel suggested.

“There’s an east basin and a west basin,” said Wrubel. The pump in the east basin experienced problems after three years.

In fiscal year 2020-2021, Wrubel said he would like to design a new pumping system that would sit above the tanks and could be used to pump out water in four different locations.

“This pump is sitting in the bottom of a 20-foot deep tank every day,” said Wrubel. “It’s a lot of pressure on the pump seals. Even though it only runs twice a year for maybe six or eight hours, it sits in the water all the time.”

“So this is just a fix until you can design the new system?” asked Hayman.

“Yes,” said Wrubel.

Councilmember Dan Shirkey made the motion to award the bid to Kennedy Industries, supported by Hayman. The final vote was 6-0. Councilmember Greg Badley was absent.

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