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By Arthur Smith


It’s been nearly three years now since she went away
and yet I’m compelled to have something to say.
To express such a loss is a tough job indeed,
but, nevertheless, there is still a great need.

I can still see her now at the young age of three…
running and jumping and shouting with glee.
Spilled milk at the table, asleep in her bed
with all of life’s promises waiting ahead.

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How did it happen so quick and so fast?
Why did it happen? I’ve a thousand times asked.
“God wanted your child.” People often would cry…
“God accepted my child!” I would think in reply.

“If only! If only!” my mind would exclaim,
unsuccessfully trying to make life the same.
Her funeral was vital to her mother and me
for it said that her life here would no longer be.

It made other strong statements like the helping of friends
because friends can be real ‘round life’s difficult bends.
And since God accepted our little child’s soul,
to be reunited is our heavenly goal.

But sometimes your needs are not known by your friends…
like talking about it months after life ends.
Say it over and over…just talking it out.
It hurts to believe it, but that’s what it’s about.

Yes it hurts when you say it, you might even cry.
Seems that’s when it’s tough for some friends to stand by.
But tears will dry up like the summer’s warm rain,
and the sun will come out and you’ll feel good again.

The hurt’s never gone but with each passing day
you can handle the past and the future will say
to another who’s making life’s difficult bend…
that thru evening’s darkness, life’s not at an end.

Arthur Smith, 2019

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