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Marine City Commission takes care of business – June 6

Photo courtesy of CTV Community Television/YouTube The Marine City Commission meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7 p.m.

By Barb Pert Templeton

The June 6 meeting of the Marine City Commission included a packed agenda and officials moved through it in just over two hours and 12 minutes. 

Here are a few highlights:

2024 Tax rate approved

Treasurer Katy Posey said she’s been getting lots of calls asking if taxes are increasing and the answer is no. “Our tax rate is not changing it’s actually reduced this year because of the Headlee rollback,” she said. “What might be changing is assessed values but our actual tax rate, we had to reduce it so much. It’s all state mandated and calculated that way.”

“We can’t control assessments, they can only bump up by a certain amount but that’s from the assessor, but from your city tax perspective a little bit of a gift,” Commissioner Brian Ross said. 

“Unfortunately, assessed values are up so your tax bill might actually be increased but it’s not because of the rate the city’s charging,” Posey said.

Photo courtesy of CTV Community Television/YouTube
The Marine City Commission meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7 p.m.

“Yes, that’s the important distinction,” Ross said. 

“I was happy to see that we actually had that reduction in ours, that was good news,” Mayor Jennifer Vandenbossche said.

In a memo to officials Posey informed the commission that the millage rate for this year will be 15.4981.

New city phone system okayed

City Clerk Jason Bell gave a presentation to the commission regarding services offered by phone service providers. The city currently has services from Comcast but they can’t provide anything more than what the city has now, Bell said. New features the city could utilize include: video conferencing which Bell said is crucial to government business and more efficient for everyone; call recording for not only the police department but other city offices for quality assurance if complaints are made; a team chat feature that would allow employees to send a quick message to another employee from their desk tops or tablets if they are out of the office. There would also be a digital fax line in each city office – city hall, police department and DPW – and the fax would go right to an email saving on paper and ink to print it. Bell recommended the city sign a contract with CTS Companies, which is local firm with an office in Port Huron. He said he was very impressed with their customer service. “Even paying a little more with CTS we’re getting far more features than we are getting with Comcast,” Bell said. He said CTS didn’t give them a quote to purchase phones and instead they will be offering phones to lease. CTS would charge $871 a month which includes the leased phones and there’s no charge for implementing the new system. The current monthly Comcast bill for the city is $770. 

Photo courtesy of CTV Community Television/YouTube
Marine City Finance Director/Treasurer Katy Posey explains the 2024 tax rate to the city commission at a June 6 meeting. 

City is now hiring

City Manager Scott Adkins took time out during his regular administrative report to the commission to say that the city’s currently taking applications for seasonal positions in the city. 

“We’re trying to reenforce our staff and we are still hiring and taking applications and we’ve struggled like every other community and every other business in getting people who really want to work at a decent wage at a decent job for seasonal help,” Adkins said. 

The city welcomes applicants to contact city hall and apply for the open positions. 

A great Memorial Day Parade

During the commissioner privilege portion of the agenda Mayor Pro Tem Lisa Hendrick took time to thank resident, Jesse White for putting on a beautiful memorial each year along with the Lions Club. She then ran down a list of donors for the event including: Marine City Grill who provided hotdogs, VG’s donated the buns, Tim’s Party Store all the bottled water, Lions Club all their tents and grills, city staff set up the electrical, all the volunteers from the community including the local boy scouts, the fire department and Police Chief Jim Heaslip and his family members who handled the grilling of the hot dogs while the event gave away over 300 of them. “We did very well and people were very nice to donate money back which is good for purchasing the flags for the graves for next year,” Hendrick said.

Commissioner Brian Ross also said the Memorial Day Parade was a wonderful event and personally he had his children, a senior and an eighth grader, marching in it together, a first for the family. 

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