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Making Life Better for our Seniors

By Marion Webber

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Making life better for our seniors should be a top priority in our country! With our aging American population, seniors need to know they are valued and cared for. Studies show that 85% of seniors in nursing homes have very few or no visitors. Many seniors suffer from depression and loneliness. On the other side of the coin, other seniors are very active and are looking for something to fill their empty time. Volunteering to visit the senior nursing homes could be the perfect solution for both the active senior and our nursing home or home bound seniors. Building a lasting relationship with seniors is extremely important. Many seniors living in nursing homes rarely can count on a person to return to visit them. This is sad, but true. Building a lasting relationship requires time and heart full of love.

One of the most important things to do when establishing a lasting relationship is to keep promises. When you say you are going to return, be sure you follow through with it. It usually takes 2-3 visits before a trust and relationship can begin. Establishing a relationship opens doors for both you and your new friend. Once someone believes you are sincere, and that you will return, you become more at ease and truly become friends. People in nursing homes may enjoy talking about past hobbies and sharing stories and pictures of children and grandchildren. All of this will give your new friend a better outlook on their world, and depression and loneliness may slowly fade away. It does not take much effort to show that you care, but the feeling you get in return is well worth the effort.

By giving of ourselves we receive in ways we do not even expect at the beginning of our visits.  Yes, at first it may be awkward.  Two people who have never met, with different backgrounds, coming together. But each time you visit, it becomes easier, and finally it becomes a joy for you.  Now you may use some of your spare time to cook a favorite dish or a simple deserts to take with you.  This gives your life more purpose, and your new friend can really appreciate that you really do care about them.

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Now is the time to open your heart. If you are sitting home alone and decide to go visit even one person, you can make life better for a senior and improve your own as well!

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