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Lost Truths of a Free America with Dean DeShon & Nate Verellen: The Introduction

Editors Note: This video is an editorial, the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed in this program are not necessarily those of GBS Media or Blue Water Healthy Living.

Dean DeShon and Nate Verellen sit down for the first episode of Lost Truths of a Free America, and the two discuss the goal of the show as well as some of the topics that the series will be covering.

One of the major topics that this show as a whole will cover is owning your land through a Land Patent, and the benefit of that over the traditional deed.

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They pose the question, “Do you even own your land?”

For more on these topics and more be sure to stay tuned to Blue Water Healthy Living for future episodes

If you are interested in purchasing Nate’s Book, “The Land Patent Handbook

You can find it at

There you will also find how to contact Nate.

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