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Fret Not – for anyone who’s ever lost someone

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

By John Yurgens

Fret Not

fret not the day of parting

for it is only temporary

it last but only a short time

and time is of this world

know this my friend

that time will pass

don’t wish it all away

bide your time

and you will see

rewards that are unreal

the pain you feel

will pass you by

as time doth pass you too

the day will come

when you are rejoined

rejoice to know

this simple fact

as the sun dawns

days anew

one-day closer

we shall be

to when you meet again.


John has a unique, and interesting story that cannot be condensed into such a small space. To read his full biography article about his family, his unfortunate stroke and how he found comfort and therapy in writing… click here.

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