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Living God’s Best: Watch how God works during this season

By Joseph Hayes

It is a moment that has caused nearly all of us to sit back and reflect on the direction of our country.

Watching this past election cycle has been an open demonstration of how the fundamentals of our country are under open attack.

Many have questioned out loud why all of this is occurring. But what has remained clear is that these attacks on the fundamentals of our society have come through spirits of fear, used by the devil, to cause self-destruction.

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In the midst of it all, some have openly wondered “Where is God” while also forgetting He could already be at work.

The greatest joy that I have ever discovered in my life, is to know God. His creativity, imagination, character and patience has often left me amazed, as He has appeared beyond profound.

Yet I’ve also come to appreciate just how simple He can be to understand. God has placed Himself throughout His creation. Every single thing He has created shows part of His glory.

But in many ways, nations, societies and mankind overall has attempted to eliminate God from its portion; all while refusing to understand He is the substance of Power that upholds us all.

If you look at the United States of America, it is clear to see that the very foundations of our nation are under attack. The principles that God led us toward throughout our history are now being forced out.

We are told our nation no longer needs God. It has enough wisdom to provide for itself, even during times of crisis.

It has been interesting to watch governors throughout the country place travel restrictions on citizens and forcibly cause Churches to close. While many of these same governors have gone out of their way to allow abortion clinics to remain open. Those are interesting seeds being sown during harvest season.

Meanwhile, as people are told to hide inside in fear, God’s everlasting Word has said He hasn’t given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, Love and a sound mind.

Who will you decide to trust?

When you consider spiritual principles, God’s actions always begin with the truth of His Word, which will require faith, in order to be received.

The devil meanwhile has taken on an opposite approach, in which what he says always begins with a lie and works through a spirit of fear that leaves a person spiritually powerless and separated from the provision of God.

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As we approach a moment in our nation’s history where fear is being promoted more than ever before, take a moment to remember just how great and powerful God is.

The world has been openly evangelized by many sources and told to incorporate fear into its words, mindset and nearly every part of our daily lives.

The same people who are now afraid of the coronavirus were just openly celebrating spirits of fear a couple of weeks ago; as the world said celebrating spirits of fear on Halloween was necessary.

It’s clear people throughout the earth have been deceived and manipulated into believing the words and mindset of the devil.

Wherever you look, this is apparent as you can clearly see his work. You are told to be afraid, to worry and to refuse the sound mind God has provided and produced within you.

As more and more people have listened, they have become less powerful against the devil’s advances, even to the point of actually thinking they would be better hiding inside all day.

Didn’t God call His People out? Even to the ends of the earth?

Didn’t God say Jesus would remain seated in Heavenly places until His enemies were put under His feet? And yet many Christians have taken the cowardly approach to be afraid and even lacked true understanding of how their God works.

God is not moved by what we are told to fear. He is compelled by our faith. He is not concerned by the devil’s threats, as God is already the most powerful and wise of all. God is working even when we don’t see it or understand.

God will never be defeated. And even in the midst of trials and attacks, you can always trust that His Word will prevail. Today, give yourself over to God and place your life in His hands.

Even when you don’t understand everything going on around you, trust that you can know Him and are always safe in His arms.

To accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, or if you want to rededicate your life to Him, take a moment and Believe and say out loud: Heavenly Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name. Please forgive me of my sins. I believe your Son Jesus was sent to the earth to die for me on the cross and He rose from the dead. I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Jesus take my life and use it for your glory. I choose to extend forgiveness to anyone who has sinned against me. Welcome to God’s family! Your spirit is born again!

Choose to spend time learning more about Jesus in the Bible. You can study Him in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Seek God on what local church you should attend to learn more about Him and choose to put your faith on display by being baptized. As you continue learning about God, be His ambassador and continue sharing what you have learned with everyone. Where you go, the Lord goes. So choose to represent Him today.

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