Let’s Talk Books with Jessica Laffrey: The Survivors by Jane Harper – Book Review

By Jessica Laffrey

The Survivors by Jane Harper

Genre: Suspense, Mystery


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Coming home dredges up deeply buried secrets in The Survivors, a thrilling mystery by New York Times bestselling author Jane Harper

Kieran Elliott’s life changed forever on the day a reckless mistake led to devastating consequences.

The guilt that still haunts him resurfaces during a visit with his young family to the small coastal community he once called home.

Kieran’s parents are struggling in a town where fortunes are forged by the sea. Between them, all is his absent brother, Finn.

When a body is discovered on the beach, long-held secrets threaten to emerge. A sunken wreck, a missing girl, and questions that have never washed away…

My Review:

This will contain vague spoilers (I am trying to write them without giving too much away)

Honestly, I was disappointed in this book. I have been dwelling on the ending and what happened and what didn’t happen. Sorry, for all the Jane Harper fans, but I wasn’t a fan and not interested in how the author left the ending of this one. I was intrigued at the start about how they did merge the past and present killings. The whole book was the main character, Kieran, trying to dig up the past and who killed his brother and one of his friend’s sisters, Gabby, some years ago. The tone didn’t seem eerie to me more like a shadow was pulled over the characters. It made me feel down. I didn’t like Kieran’s mother that much. She was aloof and didn’t want to deal with her emotions and brushed things off. A lot of drama from the past was brought in to help move the story and develop the ending and events. I just was not impressed with it. I gave this book 3 stars.

I hope that seemed vague enough that spoilers were not spoiled and still giving enough about the story.

Currently, my to-reads are undetermined. I have a bunch of books I could choose from. I just bought a Buddhism book and a meditation book. I am working through some mental health. I am in the mood for Fall reads(Halloween reads) and I think I am going to pick up the Clive Barker’s Book of Bloods short stories again. Mediation and horror? I think some good therapy there! 

I couldn’t get into the Final Girls Support Group book; it was boring at the start. I ditched it and maybe I will try it another time. I love the idea of the book though. I just want something slashy and fast-paced. Maybe, short stories will do me some good. 

Happy Reading! 

Jessica 🙂

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