Let’s Get Fit with Kyle Coggins – Episode 12 (Morning Routine)

Video & Story by Kyle Coggins

Today we are going to be getting into starting a “Morning Routine.” You don’t have to follow what I do exactly, and I suggest you come up with your own little things you can do to help get you moving in the morning.

For example, instead of sitting and drinking your coffee, you could stand at your counter and drink your coffee. I’m here to help give motivation, help give you some ideas you can do to increase your energy levels throughout the day. 

Push Ups
3 sets – 10x reps

Calf Raises
3 sets – 10-12x reps 

Wall Sits
3 sets – 20-30 seconds

Jumping Jacks
25 – 100 reps

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These workouts will help get your blood flowing, and increase oxygen levels throughout your body. Please join our Facebook group Blue Water Healthy Living: Let’s Get Fit. Share your story, share your goals, and let’s get fit together!

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