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Lest We Forget: Jim Powers

By Christine Sass

The aroma of baking cookies permeated my Aunt’s farmhouse that long-ago Saturday. My cousins and I had gathered for a baking marathon full of chopping, stirring, and a lot of giggling. When done, we carefully prepared our treats for shipping. It was the fall of 1968, and we were sending a taste of home to a special soldier in Vietnam.

Our cousin, Jim Powers, was 19 when thrust into a war that raged a world away. Jim had been in-country for three months when he was notified of a death in the family. When home, his sister remembers her gregarious brother was quiet. The effects of combat were evident when startled by a loud noise; he immediately hit the ground.

After returning to Viet Nam while on a reconnaissance mission, his troop came in contact with a large enemy force. He spotted a tank stuck on an obstacle. He ran to the disabled vehicle and attached a tow rope to pull it to safety with disregard for his own safety. Jim was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Heroism.

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This Veteran’s Day, take a moment to remember the sacrifices of all who wore the uniform to keep our country the greatest of all.

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