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“Leading with Integrity and Skill” 


By Bill Hossler

We sometimes think that when God calls us to a place of leadership, we have the option of choosing to serve or not. But is that really the case – do we get to choose based on how we feel about the job or even about ourselves in the job? God’s gifting is for the benefit of the church and the world at large and Paul reminds us that the Holy Spirit gives individuals gifts “as He determines.” Listen at  


Hezekiah and the nation of Judah were being attacked by Sennacherib’s army – a formidable foe who taunted Hezekiah for thinking he could rely on his God to somehow save him; after all, look at the other cities which have been destroyed and beside, God has sent me to conqueror you. However, the prophet  Isaiah said the city would not be captured and Sennacherib would not be back – and he wasn’t.  We probably will never be in a situation like Hezekiah’s, but Satan may attempt to get us to compromise our Godly values when our situation seems hopeless. The question is, “In whom are we trusting?”  Listen at 

The Story of the demonic in Mathew 8 & Mark 5 is the background for the lyrics in these verses. 


Jesus met the troubled man as he came out from his home: the life he lived was best depicted by his place among the tombs. The destroyer of the souls of men had wrecked his heart and life; His tormented soul could not be tamed until Jesus calmed his strife.  

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Jesus met the neighbors as they came to see what changed and they pleaded with the Master to leave their path of shame; Jesus gladly would have changed them and given them new life and brought a brand new purpose and freed them from their sins. 

How tragic when the God of Peace is wanted less than pigs. And life lived here is more important than life eternally. But that was not to be the case as they bid him leave their space and the Master of the souls of men was ushered from their place. 

The man went home and began to tell what Jesus had done for him; He told of how his life had changed in a moment span of time; and how they too can know the difference by spending time in kind and giving him the rightful place in their heart and in their mind. 

Jesus wants to meet with us and cleanse us from within, if we but turn to welcome him and let him wash away our sins. O the peace that comes to reign when Jesus meets with us and O the joy we too can feel as he removes the stains. 

Jesus wants to meet with you and see you face to face and change your troubled heart and soul and make you clean and whole.

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